How I Got Pregnant Within a Year with PCOS

4 Years ago I was overweight and struggled with my PCOS. I was even starting to show symptoms of pre-diabetes. My doctor told me if I wanted to get better I needed a lifestyle change.

I knew that before I could really try to have a baby I had to try and take care of myself first. Getting rid of the problems I was having with PCOS. A lot of them made me uncomfortable so I had to change my lifestyle for myself.

Change Bad Habits Into Good Ones

My bad habits were carbs and not exercising I am a stress eater. Carbs become my best friend when I am stressed out but if I wanted a chance at being healthy and having baby things had to change. Every time I get stressed I had to figure out how to take my stress and not immediately go find something to shove in my mouth. I can’t tell you how hard that is to not eat every second.

Figure Out a Diet that Works for you

I tried a high fiber, low-sugar diet which worked really well for me but everyone’s body type is different so you will have to make sure to find a diet that works for you. The diet I choose for me helped with my sugar balance and I also started losing weight and I started feeling more confident.

Here are some books on Dieting with PCOS research is always the best! PCOS: The Dietitian’s Guide

PCOS Diet and Cookbook


Exercising is important it also helps with maintaining weight and helping with blood sugar. I typically did a combination of cardio and yoga. Find what the exercise regime works for you. I choose a combo of cardio for burning the calories and yoga was for my stretching and balance.

Here is a really great YouTube channel for yoga

Lifestyle Change

Beating Stress

I am a natural worry wort but stress is bad when it comes to managing PCOS. I used yoga not only for exercising but also for mediating and deep breathing. Deep breathing helps to calm your nerves which is something I needed help with.

Gut Health

I have always had problems with bloating. This is another wonderful PCOS symptom. My personal favorite is apples, yogurt, and strawberries. Green apples, in particular, have really great nutrients and vitamins that help with your gut same with yogurt both have good bacteria which helps with the bloating. It’s amazing just a few different foods can do to help that horrible bloated feeling.

Lifestyle Changes

I do all these things to manage my PCOS, I felt like doing natural changes were the right decision for me which ended up being true since I lost 80lbs and was able to get pregnant. It’s hard work but when you start seeing the awesome changes that healthy foods and exercising can do.

If you have PCOS or weight management issues I would love to hear your tips!

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