The Importance Of Family Time (Free Printable Activity Jar Ideas)

Nowadays everyone is very involved in being on electronic devices such as tablets, phones, and computers. When we are on electronics all the time we miss out on the moments around us such as what our children need or missing out on getting to know them.

What does being present mean?

Being present means unplugging from devices and spending quality time with your kids and engaging in face to face activities or having actual conversations with them.

Taking the time away from chores for 20 or 30 minutes could mean a lot to your kids.

When you take time away from a task for even just a few minutes to have a conversation with your kids or doing homework could mean a lot more to them then you think.

Why is being present important?

The average person is on the internet 9 hours a day that is a lot of time being taken from the what’s going on around you.

Taking half of that time and putting it towards your family or children can make a difference.  

Family Bonding can do these things for your kids…

  • Feeling loved and Important
  • Model good behavior
  • Learn your children’s strengths
  • Voice thoughts and feelings (communication skills)
  • Develop a strong relationship

More on benefits of being present

How to be present

Family Bonding

Turn off electronics, unplug from social media, stop multitasking for just a few hours or minutes so you can sit down and ask your kids how their day was or ask them if they would like to do an activity together.

Putting everything aside in the current moment to do something with them face to face is being present. Plus Family Bonding can be fun and again can create a lot of great memories.

If you would like more information on mindful parenting/ present parenting check out. Mindful Parenting: Simple and Powerful Solutions for Raising Creative, Engaging, Happy Kids in Today’s Hectic World

Activities to do together

Doing activities together can be fun when its something that you all enjoy.

Plus who doesn’t love creating memories the best memories from my childhood always involved a group activity or outing together.

I created printable cards that can go into a jar, so whenever you and your family are stumped on what you all should do together one of you can just reach in and choose randomly what activity you can try.

Why do you find it important to be present in your families life? Or maybe just present in general?

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