Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub Review

Biore Facial Scrub


Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub is a facial scrub that exfoliates and deep cleans your pores and digs deep to get impurities and leaves your face with a refreshing clean smooth feel.

My usual Problem

At first, I wasn’t sure if this product would work for me since I have eczema and extremely sensitive skin. Typically with my skin type, I have a hard time with skin care products I never know If my face will turn red or have a burning sensation.  Luckily for me even with this skin type, I was able to try this deep cleanser with no problems.

No Redness or Burning

Good news for the people who have my horrible skin. The scrub won’t make you feel like you will have to immediately rinse your face several times to make sure that the cleanser is off to get rid of the irritation. The only thing I had to do after was make sure to put lotion on my face because I did get really dry skin after each wash.

Because I also have oily skin and quite a few blemishes I prefer to wash my face twice a day so I used this product when I wake up and also when I go to bed.

Several Washes Later…

After several washes, I felt like the product started to clear up my face. My face also started having that clean feeling even when I hadn’t washed my face yet when I woke up. There are only several products that will work for cleaning my face. I tried using proactive which is what a lot of people recommend/use. I quickly found out I couldn’t use that due to my sensitive skin. It feels good to be able to add another usable product for my face.

I definitely recommend this for anyone who wants a clean fresh feel after washing their face. Also mainly for people who have skin issues such as sensitivity or eczema. It’s a awesome feeling when having skin problems to be able to add another product to the small list of skin care products that won’t make you feel worse about your skin.

If you would love to try the scrub for yourself here is the link to get you started!

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