Rubber Ducky Baby Shower

Last weekend was my very first baby shower the theme was rubber ducky. When going through Pinterest I noticed there wasn’t a whole lot of ideas for this theme compared to some of the other ones. I decided to show some of the things my family and I came up with for my rubber ducky baby shower.

Ducky Cake

baby shower cakes

This cake turned out perfect. It was extremely cute and tasty, the duck is supposed to be floating along the river. There weren’t a whole lot of cake ideas for this theme so we decided to reimagine the duck as a whole.


I found several ideas for desserts. We decided to do blue chocolate since the theme colors were blue and yellow, but we had to stop it off with some yummy sprinkles for the pretzels and rice crispies.  

Duck Pond Punch

rubber ducky shower

I found a similar Idea on Pinterest for a duck punch but we decided to do it our own way. The blue big duck was supposed to be the dad and the yellow big duck was the mom while the small ducks were their ducklings. It turned out really cute we used Hawaiian blue punch for the drink.

Table Decor

baby boy shower

The table was decorated in glitter and little baby bottle confetti mixed with “It’s a boy!” confetti. We also added for my table two ducks that had “it’s a boy!” ribbon on the front. It turned out really pretty and you can never have too much glitter or confetti!


baby boy shower ideas

Everyone at my party loved the centerpieces. We filled up the vase about halfway with blue orbeez, then filled it with water so that the orbeez would expand. Lastly, we put 4 small ducks on the top to float.

Party Favors

rubber ducky shower
baby shower themes

The party favors required a little bit more work then the rest of the shower but they turned out so great that it was worth it.  

For the favors, we made soap and placed a duck on top. Making the soap was easy but a little time-consuming.

If you would like to try this all you have to do is buy a clear soap base (insert link). I had 28 people at my party, we ended up making extras just in case if people showed up as a plus one. We bought 3 2lb packages of the clear soap base which gave us 35 soaps but with half of the 3rd package left over.

For the actual process:

  1. Cut the soap base into small squares
  2. Place the small squares into a bowl or stockpot. If you choose the bowl as we did you will place the bowl into the microwave for 30 seconds then 10 seconds every time after that so the soap won’t burn.  (don’t worry the base will easily wash out of your bowl or stockpot and they won’t be ruined).
  3. Once the base is completely melted you can add your choice of dye and fragrance. We did choose some essential oils if you prefer that over a fragrance. Once the dye and fragrance are in you stir the bowl so the color can show up better.
  4. Pour the soap into your mold of choice about halfway. Then leave the soap to harden for about 40 minutes then you can remove the soap from the mold.

These ideas were all the things I had at my ducky shower. I hope they gave you inspiration for your next shower or ideas for someone else’s shower!

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