Hi! I’m Bailey I’m glad that you are here. I started this blog in early 2018 to be able to write about things I am passionate about and to share my knowledge of the things I am passionate about to others.


A little bit about me I am a newlywed. I got married December 2018 to my wonderful husband and best friend. Being newlyweds we are still working on working together as a team with budgeting and communication. With the subject of starting out new, I love writing about these things that we have learned whether it worked for us or not.

More about me… May 15th is the due date for our first baby. We will be having a boy! We are extremely excited for this new experience and to add onto our small family.

As our family grows and we continue to experience life. I can’t wait to continue writing about what we learned through home and gardening, family, our DIY’s, personal growth, and our inspirations!

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Email: Resourcefuldreamer@gmail.com

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